The Light of Saint Michael

Statue of Saint Michael backlit Welcome to the Light of Saint Michael Healing Arts, the healing practice of David Silverman.

Healing is a powerful need. The sense that we need something, something to help us in our pain, our darkness, our suffering. Whatever it is that is bringing us to this place of seeking healing can take many forms. Sometimes a feeling of discontent, sometimes a sense of sadness, sometimes illness, sometimes even crisis.

Whatever it took to get you here:  Welcome.

Smiling man in chairWhether you’re simply seeking to continue improving your life or at the end of your rope, this work is for those who are seeking to find spiritual healing, guidance, and meaning to the life, and pain, they are living.  While I cannot claim that you will find what you want, I hope you can find what you need.

This work of healing is the channeling of light through the lens of compassion into the bodies of those who come to receive it. Illness of all kinds has a basis in the human energy field. Sore throats, depression, headaches, even accidental injuries have a resonating source in our energy bodies. By the simple act of calling light to those places we begin a process of transformation in our being that can allow the healing and relief of our symptoms and situations.

This is a work of Divine Charity.

This is a work of divine charity. As such I only accept donations on the basis of what you feel called in your heart to give in return for this work. If you are confused about that I will help guide you to settle into your heart and listen to your own inner being and then give whatever you decide.

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4115 NE Roselawn St.
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Available by appointment only.